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Fate's play , finally my love will warm your coldest heart. - Love in the ice

Himchan ft tatsmato 😍
so adorable…!!




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As an infant my aunt’s pitbull would sleep in front of my crib. When I was a little older she would let my chew on her tail and use her to help myself up. I have a picture of me sleeping on the floor using her as a pillow.

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Cute HimDae & Forever BangChan @STARCAST 140827

Cute HimDae & Forever BangChan @STARCAST 140827


Best, Absolute and outrageously Perfect

where are you? what are you doing?

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Don’t try to argue with Him, Youngjae!

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Himchan throughout each B.A.P Attack! episodes

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moon jongup for yifantasies 

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himchan laughing at jongup not being able to follow his pro japanese skills

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b.a.p name analysis (x)

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